Court allows Islamization of Canada through mosques

Muezzin loudspeaker harassment permitted, Ottawa confirms

Immigration Watch Canada: “The Islamization of Canada continues – with the support of the courts as in the case of the Ontario Provincial Court.”  Marxist policies of Islamization will benefit from this.

After a court decision, the muezzin at an Ottawa mosque is still allowed to call out to prayer publicly on Fridays via loudspeaker. The Ontario Provincial Court yesterday dismissed a couple’s lawsuit and thus overturned a judgment by a lower Administrative Court. The so-called negative religious freedom cited by the plaintiffs is not violated according to the Court’s judgment. The couple, who live less than one kilometer from the Ditib Mosque, had sued the City of Ottawa’s Council for issuing the permit. However, they were less bothered by the volume than by the content of the call to prayer: the announcement of the muezzin puts Allah above the Christian God.

According to reports, the loudspeaker-amplified prayer call has now been introduced in at least 30 mosques nationwide. Since mosques had to remain closed during the Corona pandemic, numerous cities and municipalities allowed muezzin calls via microphone in numerous places for the length of the lockdown.

Dan Murray, president of Immigration Watch Canada explains: 

“The Islamization of Canada continues – with the support of the courts as in the case of the Ontario Provincial Court. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has successfully set an example in his Islamist fight against Christianity. Another signal of submission is given in Canada with the permission of the public muezzin call in all of its Islamist mosques. They take our land. They are conquering our public space. And they can do that because our politics – “Islam belongs in Canada” – and the courts fail. We don’t have to stop this surrender to Islam. We have to turn back Islamization in our country. It is long overdue.”

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