Partial censorship: Facebook is becoming more and more aggressive against Trump

“Children are (almost) immune to COVID-19” a fact that you won’t find on social media.

“If you delete a message from Team Trump two weeks before the election, there has to be a very good reason, as you are essentially censoring the President of the United States,” commented Stuart Varney, economic specialist on Fox News.

“The voters are told: they have no right to see this message. It has now come to that. Facebook and Twitter removed a video message from Trump saying, ‘Children are almost immune to this disease [COVID-19]. “

“This is supposed to be ‘harmful’ misinformation!”

The entire message from Trump’s censored appeal read:

“This [virus] will go away. It will pass because such things will pass. My opinion is that schools should be reopened. Great to you children, children are, I would say almost completely, immune to this disease. “

“Before the censorship, the video was seen by about 450,000 people. Are these people at risk now? Are they hurt? Because of a few words? I do not believe that! What people saw is a fact – children are less susceptible to this virus. They are less likely to get this virus. “

The measures would loosen the previously set threshold for content on the platform that was considered dangerous and slow down the distribution of certain posts once they gain traction, explains the Wall Street Journal .

An internal adjustment would also be made to news feeds in order to control the content available to users.

“Used together, the tools could change what tens of millions of Americans see when they log on to the platform, reducing their susceptibility to sensationalism, calls for violence and misinformation, according to those familiar with the measures,” the Journal writes. “But a slowdown in the spread of popular content could stifle some viable political discussion, a prospect that makes some Facebook employees uncomfortable, some of the people said.”

The censorship follows just days after Facebook censored a New York Post report exposing the corrupt dealings of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden – sparking a harsh backlash from President Trump and Republicans who have long criticized the platform in regulating content.

“[Trump] is being censored. He is being silenced. What happened to Facebook as a platform for free expression? Mark Zuckerberg once had this conviction. […] But now he’s censoring the president. “

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