9 allegedly racist and sexist costumes that trigger the left to the max

1 Indian costume: Prohibited! 🚫

Because Indian costumes are nasty and racist and the majority population still does not want to understand that, leftists even stick unsolicited warnings on such products:

“WARNING! The items contained in this package are offensive and promote the sexualization of indigenous women and peoples. Please avoid contact with these dangerous materials. “

2 Sumo wrestler costume: Prohibited! 🚫

Good housekeeping is always there when it comes to politically incorrect costumes: “Disguises that make fun of people’s weight, objectify people, or otherwise play down other people’s lived experience are bad ideas.”

3 Sombrero and mustache: Prohibited! 🚫

“This is unacceptable. Step back immediately,” writes a Twitter douche. A relaxed amigo replies: “That’s so stupid, NO Mexicans feel offended by it and nobody should lose their job because they dressed up like that.”

4 “Trans-grandma costume”: Prohibited! 🚫

“Hahaha, I love this costume!”, writes a Twitter user under the “Trans-Grandma-Costume” from Walmart. Others had less humor and drove the world’s top-selling company to take the costume off its shelves and website.

5 Disney hero costume: Prohibited! 🚫

In line with the film Vaiana (2016), Disney sold a costume with which one could literally slip into the skin of the Polynesian demigod Māui. He has a leading role in the film.

But anyone who wants to dress up as Māui has to put up with accusations of racism because he is abusing indigenous cultures. A Twitter user reacted with incomprehension: “Seriously? Can we dress up as Vikings? Their culture was also indigenous, snowflake.”

6 Straitjacket: Prohibited! 🚫

Do you think that’s a creative costume? The American women’s magazine Good Housekeeping sees it differently:

“Wearing a straitjacket or other equipment commonly associated with people with mental illness trivializes that experience.”

7 Lion Hunter Dentist Costume: Prohibited! 🚫

While many people discussed the causes and effects of the refugee crisis in 2015, an entire SJW legion focused on a more pressing problem: the dentist Walter Palmer.

He had killed the lion Cecil with a crossbow and overnight became one of the most hated people in the world. So it made sense to dress up as a terrible person for Halloween, right? Leftists saw things differently and were upset for weeks about Walter Palmer costumes.

8 Firefighter costume: prohibited! 🚫

“And should I now believe that the woman with these heels can carry me down three flights of stairs? #sexistcostume.”  Someone is upset about a firefighter costume.

As a reminder: the point of costumes is not to match reality exactly, but to have fun. If a woman prefers to wear the male version of the costume, she can simply order that.

9 Terrorist Costume: Prohibited! 🚫

Daily Mirror reported on the outcry caused by a terrorist costume. “Dressing up as a Muslim and wearing a beard seems to mean looking like a terrorist, which in turn sends the message that all Muslims are terrorists,” said an outraged logic specialist.

The complaints were worth it, because the Diamond Shopping Center in Coleraine, Ireland, quickly removed the costume from its range.

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