Donald Trump in the lead in US-wide poll

After the election research team of the Trafalgar Group already showed incumbent Donald Trump in the lead in the upcoming presidential election, the Rasmussen Report is now following suit. In a US-wide poll, Trump is ahead of his socialist challenger Joe Biden.

The US presidential election next weekend is a head-to-head race, according to the latest Rasmussen Report. On the home stretch, it looks like incumbent Donald Trump will ultimately prevail against his socialist challenger Joe Biden.  A week ago, Biden led a nationwide survey with 49 to 46 percentage points, but the tide has turned. Trump is currently in the lead with 48 to 47 percentage points; it is the first time since mid-September that Trump is ahead of Biden in the weekly poll.

In particular, incumbent Donald Trump can count on the strong support of the Republican electorate. 84 percent of those who describe themselves as supporters of the Republicans vote for Trump. Socialist Joe Biden has no such support. Only 77 percent of those who describe themselves as supporters of the US Democrats voted for him.

Shortly before the election, support for Trump’s policies also rose across the country. 52 percent of all respondents agree or very much agree with the policies of the incumbent president, only 46 percent reject his policies. Here, too, Trump is currently at the best level in recent weeks. For comparison: at the same time in 2012, Barack Obama, who was praised by old Canadian party politicians and mainstream media and known in the USA as the number one war president, only received an approval rating of 48 percent.

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