The dark side of transgender fashion

The Liberals want to ensure that children aged 14 and over can freely choose their registered gender. The self-determined choice of personal gender should open up a new form of freedom. Indeed, radical individualism is a road into the abyss that will bring suffering and destruction to families.

Imagine if your 16 year old daughter goes to school in the morning and comes back as a boy in the evening. She no longer wants to be called Julia, but Felix; her gender is already recorded as male on her new school identity card. As a parent, you react cautiously to your child’s wishes. You are concerned about her health, her future.

Julia watches transgender stars on youtube, dresses like them, speaks like them and slips further and further into the scene. She goes to a queer club and gets advice there. She consults doctors and psychologists so that the health insurance company finances the sex reassignment. Thanks to the media, she knows exactly what to tell the doctors so that she can get the necessary reports for the health insurance company. As parents, you can only watch helplessly as your child is dragged deeper and deeper into the abyss. You cannot forbid him to do so, because with the children’s rights that guarantee Julia physical self-determination, you risk losing custody to the state if you intervene. The atmosphere at home is becoming more and more tense. Julia moves into a shared apartment with her new friends. After a few months you get a leaked photo of Julia: she is lying in a hospital bed, her breasts are amputated, her face has a beard shadow, and medication is piled up on the bedside table. Julia / Felix looks neither like a woman nor a man, but like something in between. All you have left is to turn, shaken, into the unchangeable.

Behind the Liberal’s gender restructuring plan there is a radical cultural break, the toxic effect of which is not immediately but gradually shifted from families to society. Like Julia’s parents, it could soon be the case for many parents, because the initial transgender fashion, as it is mainly transported by social networks and the mass media, and can quickly develop into wildfire.

Studies show that almost all cases of children who take puberty blockers to stop natural, healthy sexual development at some point also go all the way – up to surgical castration. For supposed happiness, for supposedly more satisfaction with themselves and their life, they let their bodies and therefore their future become mutilated. Surgical sex reassignment surgery is irrevocable. But the decision for the irrevocable is made by the children and adolescents at a highly sensitive age, when everything is still in flux, when their brain is demonstrably reorganized and their personality development is incomplete. This is exactly where the unscrupulous unconditionality with which supporters and activists of the transgender ideology seduce their underage victims into a step that they have already gone themselves. The pain is easier to bear when you have many like-minded people by your side. But the pain remains. That says the enormously high suicide rate among transsexuals, which increases again when they have completed the final step – sex reassignment. For their dream of the opposite sex life they pay with loneliness because finding a partner is extremely difficult, they pay with their health because they have to outsmart their reluctant physique with hormones and drugs for life. 

Next to it are the parents who are condemned to watch helplessly as their child is mutilated. Just like the American Elaine Davidson, who only found out about her daughter’s sex reassignment through a photo on social media. The picture shows her child with bloody bandages over a horribly damaged chest, from which both breasts had recently been removed. A few conversations with a social worker were enough, according to Davidson, for her slightly autistic daughter to lie under the scalpel. Since then, she has been involved in an association that is committed to protecting life.

What the Liberals have mixed up is nothing more than a cultural break, the toxic effect of which on society will first show itself in families and later on for society as a whole. Anyone who radically puts the biological sex at the disposal of man and lets it sink into a mere administrative act lays the ax on the healthy identity development of children, on the educational autonomy of families and on the regenerative capacity of this society.

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