Trudeau on Islamic Terror in France: Your own fault? Freedom of expression “not limitless”

While France cannot calm down from rioting Muslims since the brutal Islamist attack on teacher Samuel Paty, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes it is necessary to decisively distance himself  from Emmanuel Macron’s stance on freedom of expression. 

Trudeau said on Friday: “In a pluralistic, diverse and respectful society like ours, we owe it to ourselves to be aware of the impact our words and actions have on others, especially on communities that are still severely discriminated against.” The right to freedom of expression is “not limitless”.

No support from Canada in the cartoon dispute

He is positioning himself against French President Emmanuel Macron, who has repeatedly made a clear commitment to freedom of expression and defended freedom of the press in the cartoon controversy sparked by the Islamist teacher murder. Since then, the Islamic world has been in a storm – Turkish President Recep Erdogan sees Macron’s anti-Muslim agenda around every corner and rages heavily against the West. In Toronto, too, there were recently demonstrations by Muslims against France – 150 predominantly male Muslims, among them well-known members of the Islamist scene, ran loud “Allahu Akbar” shouts and gave free rein to their hatred of France and Macron’s statements.

Muslim sensitivities more important than freedom of expression

Instead of demonstrating solidarity and opposing the Islamic protests, which are constantly escalating into massive violence, and the Islamist attacks that have long since become the rule, Trudeau prefers to put Western values ​​aside and to show himself submissive to religious fanaticism. Trudeau’s assertion that Canada will stand by France’s side even in “these extremely difficult times” is nothing more than an empty phrase: rather, the Canadian Prime Minister’s statement seems as if he wants to blame France and Macron for the horror attacks.

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