CIA Agent Faddis: Joe Biden is recruited by the Communist Party

During business negotiations in China, the Chinese Communist Party pinched Joe Biden.

Peter Schweizer has already established that all of Joe Biden’s relatives benefit from his position as Vice President. Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” revealed that his father benefited from these ventures by insisting that his son Hunter share his profits with him.

What Tucker Carlson’s interviews with Biden’s business associate, Tony Bobulinski, proved goes further: Joe Biden was an active participant in these various deals. In fact, the Sinohawk project that Bobulinski was involved in made it clear that he was actually overseeing it. In other words, “Chairman” Joe Biden was in charge of the Biden crime family.

Joe Biden had repeatedly stated that he knew nothing about his son’s business in China, Ukraine, Russia or anywhere else. Bobulinski insists that this is an outright lie, and says that he had documents to prove it, Steve Mosher reported on LifeSiteNews.

Boblulinski decided to go to the press, which must not have been easy for the former marine lieutenant. In the end he was even accused of being involved in “Russian disinformation.”

With extensive coverage from the New York Post and Fox News, it is clear to the American people what a scandalous candidate Joe Biden is.

Joe Biden had – as Tucker Carlson put it – “a direct personal stake in his family’s affairs in communist China and probably other countries as well.”

“Hunter himself made it clear that his father was the head of the ‘family business’, a fact that was also evident from the carefully arranged meeting at the Sinohawk and the back and forth emails and texts. It was so obvious to Bobulinski that when Joe Biden again decided to deny any involvement in his family’s business during the second presidential debate Bobulinski attended, he almost got up from his chair,” Mosher said.

“I almost got up and screamed ‘Liar!’, he said to Tucker. “But I was shocked that the media not only [still] does not discuss this, but goes to the other extreme – dismissing it as ‘Russian disinformation’ … it’s just absurd.”

“The [Biden family] knew exactly what they were doing. You were dealing with a Chinese company run by Chairman Yi, CEFC, and with strong financial and political support from the Chinese Communist Party … These are not my own words,” says Bobulinski.

Bobulinski also confirmed “how the capital of the [Sinohawk] business would be split,” saying it was “crystal clear” to him that “the big guy” mentioned as a 10 percent shareholder was Joe Biden. In order to hide “the big guy”, he was included in the final document along with his brother’s share.

“Of course it is one thing for the Biden family of criminals to cheat on their business partners. It is completely different when they endanger the national security of the USA by compromising with the Chinese communist dictatorship,” concludes Mosher.

“You see, the CCP knew exactly who it was dealing with, and it wasn’t the drug addicted, sex-obsessed son. Rather, they were doing business with the father who happened to be the Vice President of the United States. That means Joe Biden is fatally compromised.”

Mosher then quotes retired CIA officer Sam Faddis, who went through the thousands of documents on Hunter Biden’s laptop. He said:

“There’s a mountain of evidence to show Joe Biden was up to his neck in CCP money. They bought influence from him. In espionage jargon, that means that they ‘recruited’ him. He works for Beijing. Do you want him, as a representative of the Chinese Communist Party, in the Oval Office at the White House?”

“The American people deserve better,” said Mosher.

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