Trump: “We won!”

In the early morning, Donald Trump announced that he had won the US presidential election. With good reason.

Donald Trump is clearly leading in the US elections and has declared himself the winner of the US presidential election. As early as 2.30 in the morning he said: “We Won”

While the US president is clearly ahead in most swing states, the Democrats and their friends refuse to admit the obvious: Joe Biden can barely win.

Donald Trump currently has 213 electors safe and thus fewer than his left-wing competitor. But since the swing states of Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are expected to go to Trump with a total of 67 electors, the incumbent would have 280 electors to himself – 271 are needed to win.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, currently has 238 electors and probably Nevada and Wisconsin with 16 electors. That would be 254. Wisconsin initially seemed to narrowly vote for Trump, but Biden is – still – in the lead in the late count.

The reason for the unexpected success of Donald Trump is his strong performance in the steel and industrial state of Pennsylvania. His opponent makes it easy for him there: in the last presidential debate, Biden let himself be carried away into saying that he wanted to get out of oil production. Violent BLM riots in Philadelphia last week, in which 30 police officers were injured, rounded off Biden’s poor picture.

The victory in Pennsylvania and the towering victories in Texas and Florida laid the foundation for a success that hardly anyone in the media had expected.

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