“We all feel threatened” – Nice closes synagogues and Jewish schools

After the Islamist attacks in Nice, the city’s chief rabbi announced that the city’s Jewish schools and synagogues would be closed. Anti-Semitism in France is out of control.

A shock for all Jews in Nice: due to the recent Islamist terrorist attacks, all 15 synagogues and three Jewish schools in the city were closed on Friday. In addition, security measures in shops selling kosher food have been increased and more security personnel have been assigned to them. “We all feel threatened,” said the chief rabbi of Nice, Franck-Daniel Teboul to the Israeli broadcaster Channel 13. 

A sad example of what is going on in Europe: anti-Semitism in France is out of control. Two thirds of the country’s Jews have been insulted in the street for their religion, and almost a quarter have even been physically assaulted. Many Jews feel so unsafe in France that they no longer wear a kippah in public, avoid certain regions and are increasingly considering emigrating to Israel. Arguably the greatest threat to Jewish life in France is radical Muslims.

After France has already issued the highest terror warning level and a warning for all French in the Muslim countries Turkey, Bangladesh and Indonesia, Nice is inevitably taking the next sad step. The closure of Jewish schools and synagogues was a violent but necessary step for the Jewish community. “We know that something like this can suddenly happen to anyone, it’s not like it used to be with terrorist organizations, now it’s individuals at home who watch videos and then carry out an attack – just like what happens in Israel”, said a Chabad emissary from Nice to Israeli television.

Another reason why Canada should show solidarity with France. But in this country politicians only seem interested in terrorism and anti-Semitism if it fits into their political agenda.

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