Bannon: “Trump won by an overwhelming majority!”

If the Democrats manage to steal the election, the US will become a “banana republic,” said Steve Bannon.

“President Trump won an overwhelming majority on Tuesday, with the traceable, registered, legal ballots. The fact is, the president was re-elected,” Steve Bannon stated in an interview with Fox News Business.

“When the president came to a press conference in the middle of the night, people thought he was going to win. Uncertified ballot papers were then distributed in the middle of the night. Then that morning a victory was suddenly declared for Biden in Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada. “

“The Roman Republic had a wisdom: ‘The world belongs to the brave’. Now is the time to be brave. […] We have to stop playing games and believing the people who used information warfare to cut the polls in Wisconsin by 17%. […] It was a matter of lies and this part of the media and social media apparatus is trying to turn Trump off.”

Bannon continued: “Donald Trump won, you can see that in the Senate, you can see that in the house, you can see that in the various jurisdictions of the individual states. He won overwhelmingly. […] Biden has no basis. He is a useless old man, and he should be treated with the dismissive disdain he deserves.”

What should Trump do in this situation? Bannon advises:

“Trump should fire the FBI director, he should fire Fauci. He should work with men like Rick Grenell. There are several paths to renaming. If he can get a fair choice of legal, registered ballot papers, so be it. […] We control the jurisdiction of the states and the Senate. We must act accordingly now. […] Rick Grenell is in Nevada to check the ballot papers. “

“Trump should have gone to a regional court immediately and not let the election be stolen. All of the people who started information wars and spread lies were turned away by the American people on election day.”

“If they can steal the election in the middle of the night, we’ll become a banana republic.”

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