Democrats want to introduce not just an agenda, but a new system

Tucker Carlson: The US Democrats want “control of everything” and persist in questioning the system.

“In many ways what happened last night could not have been worse for this country, for our children, for our grandchildren, for the future, because the results of our presidential elections were torn from the electorate’s hands, where it naturally should belong and now placed in the control of lawyers and courts and highly partisan, clearly corrupt metropolitan bureaucrats,” Carlson said in his comment on the election results yesterday.

“No matter what happens next, it’s a tragedy. Many Americans will never again accept the result of a presidential election. That story still plays out tonight,” he added.

“But first we would like to acknowledge the good news. And believe it or not, there is good news regardless of everything else that happened. And here it is. America stays. It’s still here. That is the first and most important thing. And it’s not a foregone conclusion. We almost lost it. The Democrats told us they wanted to beat Donald Trump. They spent more money on it than anyone has ever spent on it in any election in history. But there was much more going on. The Democrats didn’t use the full power of Big Tech and the billionaire class just to make Joe Biden president because they really wanted total control of everything.”

“No more democracy, no more dissent, permanent obedience from the rest of us, and they were shockingly close that if the Democrats won the White House and Senate last night, the country as we know it wouldn’t end would have gone because the Democrats have bad ideas even though they have them, but because the Democrats are planning to impose a completely new system on our country, no agenda, a system,” he said.

“Since there is nothing to control its power, the left intended to undo traditional American balances within our government, along with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that limit its power. We are not exaggerating this Joe Biden Party’s plan to turn our highest court into a partisan weapon.”

“They planned,” said Carlson, “to expand the United States Congress, the legislature, by adding new states to our union just for Senate seats.”

20 million voters were also put on the electoral lists overnight, according to Carlson.

“How would all of this improve the United States of America? Well, they never said it would. It was never about improving this country. It was about creating a permanent democratic majority, a one-party state with complete control over the population. Never in our history has any mainstream political party proposed an agenda more radical than this. You didn’t talk much about it. […] This is not about politics. It’s about the system that we all live under and that rules this country. That is what is at stake. Keep that in mind as we move forward.”

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