Suddenly 23,277 new votes appear: all for Biden, Republicans suspect fraud

More and more statistical inconsistencies emerge: In Pennsylvania, a load of over 20,000 ballot papers appeared out of nowhere, all of them for Biden.

The well-known and reliable election statistics agency FiveThirtyEight tweeted on November 4th about inconsistencies in the counts .

“Two packs spotted in Pennsylvania, 23,277 votes for Biden,” the institute tweeted .

Can this be? Were 23,277 ballot papers tallied and not a single vote found for Donald Trump? Even in the city, which has a large majority democratically elected, this is statistically simply unlikely, hundreds replied to the report from FiveThirtyEight, although Biden supporters were also concerned about this result.

A similar situation was seen in Michigan: with a count of 85 percent, or about 4.7 million votes, Biden had 2,269,937 votes; he had gained 125,000 votes of these additional 200,000 votes. He, who previously had a share of 47 percent of all votes, suddenly won an incredible 62.5 percent of all votes in this window.

This “wonderful” increase in votes is now being observed in many states. It is now up to Trump to expose the election fraud.

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