Election manipulation? Suspiciously high voting rate in Wisconsin

Now Wisconsin has its election phenomenon too. In all previous presidential elections, the voting rate was usually around 70 percent. This year is different. Of nearly 3.7 million registered voters, almost 3.3 million are said to have cast their vote according to the count. That’s an incredible 89 percent.

For a long time, Wisconsin’s electoral counts looked like a smooth victory for incumbent Donald Trump. There were no special features or abnormalities in the initial phase of the counts. Observers only assumed a slightly higher turnout in this presidential election than in the previous presidential election. In Wisconsin, this was usually just under 70 percent, so reporters speculated that it could rise to up to 75 percent this time. That would be around 2.8 million votes cast with 3,684,726 voters registered in Wisconsin .

In 2016, Trump won in Wisconsin with around 1.405 million votes against Hillary Clinton, who failed grandly in the presidential election campaign and won around 1.382 million votes there. In 2020, the incumbent US president will increase his absolute number of votes to around 1.609 million votes, an increase of another 200,000 votes. With a forecast quota of 75 percent of votes cast, a maximum of 1.2 million votes remained for his opponents.

But now the Wisconsin counting miracle strikes. Because suddenly the votes cast in Wisconsin seem to spring up like mushrooms after a warm late summer rain. The voting rate rises to an unbelievable 89 percent that has never been achieved before. 3.3 million voters in Wisconsin are said to have cast their vote according to the current count. That is an all-time high for elections in recent US history. The colorless Biden sensationally manages to surpass the counted number of votes of his predecessor by almost 20 percent and supposedly win Wisconsin. Strange? But so it is said.

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