New elections are the only correct solution!

The result of the US election is controversial. But after the election there can only be one solution: new elections!

The result of Tuesday’s US election is controversial and will remain controversial – regardless of how the count now goes. But even the current result allows only one solution: new elections. Elections across the country, or at least in states where the votes are almost evenly distributed or where countless mistakes have made the count worthless.

That this solution is the only possible one is not only due to the result and the circumstances of the vote count. It is also, first of all, the way of elections.

For every historian of German it is a must to call the election of March 1933 “no longer democratic” or at least “hardly democratic”. During the election campaign, members of the NSDAP carried out attacks on political opponents from the KPD and SPD to a very large extent. Counter-demonstrations were banned, communist and social democratic newspapers were not allowed to appear for days, election posters were pasted over and practically all political opposition was increasingly suppressed.” Sound familiar?

These are the times we live in today, and the US election campaign was just another example. Public opinion was consequently manipulated by an overwhelming left media majority. Messages from the president were censored by Twitter. Left violence dominated the streets. Grotesque poll results did the rest.

That is why hardly anyone takes the election results of March 1933 seriously. The choice is considered a fake choice. And that’s why nobody should take Tuesday’s election results seriously. It’s one-sided distorting for Biden. And everyone knows what the result would have been if Trump had the appropriate means and ways.

In addition to these undemocratic conditions in the run-up to the elections, there are now numerous inconsistencies in the process of the counting – and almost all of this in constituencies with a traditional majority for the Democrats.

The fact that the incumbent president almost holds victory in his hand speaks for the American voter. Because the Democrats were so sure of their cause four years ago, a possible election fraud by the Democrats was not prepared at the time.

That was different this year. In 2020 the Democrats were warned. So in some constituencies the count has been delayed by all means. Investigations should show what happened next. But that can take too long.

And that’s why quick new elections are the only way. Either the whole country will vote again. Or at least in those states where doubts about the end result make sense. Everyone would be warned about this new election. The result would come much closer to the real conditions.

That won’t suit the Democrats. Left-wing politicians have never had a problem winning democratic elections with lies and deceit.

Therefore, the courts should decide on it. At best, the Supreme Court of the United States.

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