Trump: 2.7 million Trump votes withheld by “Dominion”

The computer voting system “Dominion” suppressed 2.7 million Trump votes, according to US President Donald Trump yesterday on Twitter.

In Pennsylvania, 221,000 votes were transferred from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and 941,000 votes for Donald Trump were deleted, according to Trump. In total, at least 435,000 votes were cast from Trump to Biden nationwide, the president claims.

A data technician told the gateway Pundit that the Dominion computers were completely open to hacks, and that some of the data was copied by hand by election workers onto USB sticks. “According to the Dominion manual, every IT technician who operates these devices can influence the choice,” says the whistleblower.

Trump attorney Lin Wood, who already successfully sued the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and others on behalf of the defamed Convington student Nick Sandmann, wrote on Twitter of “election fraud” and “Chinese election manipulation”: “Chinese Communists used computer fraud & mail ballot fraud to interfere with our national election. They thought we could be had & they could overthrow our duly elected President without firing a shot.”

“The Masters of Deceit, the Chinese Communists, thought they had us played. Sold us new voting machines to states (likely with big financial kickback to state officials), ” said Wood .

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