Great Britain betrays Christian Armenia because of its own geostrategic interests

Great Britain is increasing its influence on Erdogan’s Turkey and Azerbaijan in order to keep Russia’s role in the Caucasus region in check and to secure access to natural resources there.

The conflict in the Caucasus region between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region led to the defeat of Armenia. Thousands of Christians there face the fate of flight and displacement. But it would have been even worse if Russia had not forced the conflicting parties to an end to the conflict more quickly.

Armenia is wedged between the two Islamic and Turkish-speaking countries Turkey and Azerbaijan, which work closely together culturally, politically, economically (oil and pipelines) and geostrategically. The geostrategic and economic pressure of various states is so great that Armenia seems completely isolated if it does not exist in Russia.

There are several interests for Great Britain: On the one hand, there is oil and gas from Azerbaijan, which is to come to Europe via pipelines through Turkey. There are also significant gold deposits in the Zangilan District, which has so far been occupied by Armenia. In future, these will support the British Anglo Asian and BP. Both had already been awarded the contract for the oil transfer from Azerbaijan, via the new Armenian corridor, to Turkey before the war. On the other hand, the British are of course concerned with keeping Russia’s influence within limits. This geostrategic conflict between Great Britain and Russia in the Caspian Region has existed since before the First World War.

The recent meeting of the Turkish spokesman for the Erdogan government with the British head of the MI6 secret service shows how closely Great Britain wants to work with Erdogan’s Turkey.

It shows once again how the region is becoming the plaything of geopolitical interests and how the security of Armenia and the Christian Armenians in the Nagorno-Karabakh region comes under the wheel.

Another recent development is related to the US elections: Turkey and the US came into conflict because Turkey bought and tested the Russian S-400 missile defense system. The Pentagon had strongly criticized this and threatened to withdraw the sale of the multi-role stealth fighter F-35 to Turkey. In terms of security and security policy it is questionable if Erdogan’s Turkey needs to have both technologies.

Now, after the situation in Armenia has been clarified and in view of the elections in the USA, Turkey is giving in and is urging the Trump administration to renegotiate or renegotiate in order to find a solution as to whether both weapon systems in Turkey can be expected.

Turkey is doing this especially in view of fears that Joe Biden could soon become the new president and that the political situation will then change again. The Turkish Defense Minister proposed that a working group be formed in Washington on this subject.

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