Sidney Powell: Trump won the election in a landslide

In an interview with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, Trump attorney Sidney Powell has declared war on the deep state, Silicon Valley and the left-wing propaganda media: “I am going to release the Kraken,” the corruption expert announced cryptically.

“I can’t wait to bring in all of the evidence we’ve accumulated on Dominion (Voting Systems),” Powell told Dobbs . “It was created to manipulate the elections in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez, and then shipped internationally to buy elections, including in the United States. It was funded by Venezuela, Cuba and also China. So if you’re interested in foreign election rigging, that’s a good example.”

The Trump team would have many testimonies, including a witness who was personally present during the Dominion planning with Hugo Chavez and who had witnessed the application in the United States. “Where the vote counting was suspended on election night, those are the states where the worst manipulation took place.”

Trump: 2.7 million Trump votes withheld by “Dominion”

“Hundreds of thousands of votes invalid for Joe Biden”

“We are also collecting information on some of the governors and secretaries of state who have financially been involved in the Dominion system with Hunter-Biden-type graft,” Powell said. The officials could have secured their re-election and received bribes at the same time, accused Powell.

“Even if tamper-prone states are dumb enough to certify their election results, we’ll still be able to suspend them for fraud. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of voices here. President Trump won this election in a landslide. It is irrefutable. Patriots across the United States now step forward every day and testify under oath that votes were stolen quicker than we can hear them,” Powell said.

Powell called for a “massive criminal investigation” into “millions of voters and votes”. The FBI and the government have ignored complaints about the electoral system for years, Powell said. “The Homeland Security Election Security must be fired, better yesterday than today. It’s all absurd.” FBI chief Chris Wray also has to be fired, Powell said, because “the only FBI interview with a witness was with the intent to threaten and dissuade him from his truthful testimony,” she said, citing the postal worker Richard Hopkins.

“We are facing a new American revolution,” said Powell. “Anyone who wants this land to remain free has to get up now. Changing or forging a vote is a serious federal crime. Anyone who knows anything about Dominion needs to get in touch now.” The Dominion system was designed solely to falsify elections and has been used to falsify elections, Powell said. The election fraud was carried out “with the help of Silicon Valley and the big Internet companies, social media companies and also the media,” Powell said. “I am going to release the Kraken,” she announced somewhat cryptically.

“The swamp is deeper and wider than we ever dreamed, and I will hold them all accountable,” announced the corruption expert.

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