US Democrats launch project to lock up Trump supporters!

While the media portrays Joe Biden as the nation’s “reconciler”, radical left-wing US Democrats collect the names of Donald Trump’s supporters. Their goal is professional bans and social ostracism.

“Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future “

New York Democratic Party Socialist Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted this tweet on November 6 – the day the corporate media declared Joe Biden as the next US President.

Former Democratic Party spokesman Hari Sevugan promptly replied, “You better believe it. We just launched the Trump Accountability Project to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did.”

Leftists want to round up everyone who votes for Trump!

The “Trump Accountability Project” promises that no one who is or was in a professional connection to Trump’s administration “should benefit from his efforts to tear down our democracy”.

We should never forget those who helped further the Trump agenda.

Join us at

– Trump Accountability Project (@trumpaccproject) November 3, 2020

The left blacklist claims to be primarily targeting election campaign supporters, employees and donors of Donald Trump, but screenshots show that even the names of very simple supporters and of “individuals and organizations who have publicly committed themselves to Trump” should be recorded – and that would be millions of US voters!

Even judges appointed by Trump were being registered! Those responsible have now removed a list with thousands of names that had already been compiled from the website. Maybe because intimidating judges is a serious crime?

Left establishment calls for professional bans!

Other well-known Democrats are committed to the “Trump Accountability Project”, including the campaign assistant of the Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, Emily Abrams, and the data analyst and supporter of several Democratic presidential campaigns, Michael B. Simon.

Left-wing “journalists” apparently also belong to the growing call for a “purge”. Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin tweeted:

“Any Republican who rejects an election, calls for disobedience to the will of the electorate or who makes unfounded allegations of fraud should never again hold office, sit on corporate boards, serve on a faculty or be recognized by ‘polite’ society. We have a list.”  She later went on to say they could “use the cages that Obama built to hold illegal border crossers and their children.”

Disturbing similarities to China, Russia, Nazi Germany

While White House employees are still calm – after all, employees of the hated Bush administration have not lost their reputation – the news site Tennessee Star mentions that supporters of President Trump have been harassed by leftists on many occasions in the run-up to the election. A young supporter was even shot dead in the street by an Antifa memberMore recently, leftist gangs have assaulted peaceful pro-Trump demonstrators.

The blacklist project is described as an “Orwellian synthesis between high technology and brutal totalitarianism”, which “has striking similarities to the Chinese social credit system with which the Chinese Communist Party awards social rights and privileges.”  Historically, both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany carried out purges and banned people from their professions if they did not follow the ‘correct’ ideology.

Are there also threats of show trials?

How far would the democrats and their supporters, who have slipped into the radical left camp, go to push through their socialist fantasies without resistance? How the Trump haters behind the website tick is shown by a now deleted tweet from a left-wing extremist supporter (Twitter name @ClimateWarrior7):

“If you know anyone who supported Trump”, the user wrote on November 6th, “then please enter their names in our database. They will be dealt with in due course, when the appropriate legal framework can be put in place.”

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