Against faint-heartedness, defeatism and opportunism in matters of Trump!

If anyone can fight, it is US President Donald Trump!

Two weeks after the US elections, liberal-patriotic circles, especially on Facebook, swan songs and wreath laying for Donald Trump are increasing. Sometimes ostensibly analytical, sometimes lewd, but also aggressively trampling on the supposed loser – this is what people say who would not have spread enough songs of praise and cheers in the event of Trump’s recognized victory. With all due respect: I am disgusted with so much paucity, defeatism and opportunism!

All the outrageous manipulations and inconsistencies in voting and counting should only convey one message to anyone who is not fully anesthetized by the Canadian hate media: something stinks here! If there were even rumours of such things after elections in Hungary, Poland or Brazil, there would be an unprecedented storm of protest in the “liberal” media of the West, political and economic sanctions would be announced, in short there would be unrivaled moral turmoil, and not only in our country.

Nobody in Trump’s position is flawless, nobody in such a position needs to be very personable or even morally without faults and blame. The only thing that matters is what he does and what interests he serves. Many millions of Americans, especially the working class, the so-called “little people”, white, black, brown, “yellow” and also Natives, voted for Trump in a surprisingly, even sensationally positive, judgment. No conservative candidate apart from him would have come anywhere near it. Anyone who doesn’t like Trump should at least show respect for it.

However, it shows absolutely no respect and is also completely premature to write off these many millions of voters and their candidates. In the US there is, thankfully, a different mentality than in Canada, and as someone who has been involved in practical politics for many years, I can only advise: Anyone who declares their willingness to surrender from the outset will get a beating on top of that.

Yes, it is possible that Trump’s protests and the will of many millions of voters in the courts, the left media and the forces of the “deep state” fail. If that happens, funeral speeches can still be given or, better still, clever and constructive analyses can be written. But damn it: there is still time, which we owe to the people’s president of the US and to his voters, who were just as betrayed as their president.

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