Brockville stalinist group forces Police Chief and City Council to attend Critical Race Theory re-education sessions

On November 18th Brockville, Ontario’s Stalinist Unity and Equality Alliance group announced that senior City officials would be attending re-education sessions in an attempt “to cleanse them of their inherent white supremacism.”

The re-education sessions are being taught by Ketcia Peters, a Black Lives Matter and social justice activist. “Our earth is only halfway through the International Decade for People of African Descent, but Canada is becoming more racist every day!”  

The wokestoppo claimed the sessions were for “tackling anti racism,”, but probably meant “tackling racism.”

“Without the proper training the outcome may be devastating for adults or children. It can lead to suicide or their murder by police.  It is literally murder.  The police, politicians, educators – they are all murderers!” said Katcia Peters who lists their pronouns as “they/them.”  “Only Critical Race Theory can teach white people that they are all inherently racist and prejudiced against black people, and this is the purpose of the sessions,” they said.  They also “encourage other cities to take the same approach.”

Critical Race Theory has been banned in the United States at the federal level, but Prome Minister Trudeau has come out. In favour of the proctice, saying “white people in Canada need a framework to learn about their racism.”

A list of attendees:

Brockville Chief of Police and 4 officers

City Councilors

Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP’s)

Member of Parliament (MP’s)

Member of Catholic and Public Board of Education

All High School Principles

Employment and Education Centre representatives

Reverend Norm Johnston Youth Services

Health Unit Harm reduction representatives

Youth reps from Crosstown Impact and Youth Collective

Brockville Media

Member of Brockville Library

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