Employees of Government-funded racist organization on strike.

Radicalizing the black youth of Toronto ain’t cheap.

Employees of the government-funded Tropicana Community Services, a racist charity in Toronto, have been on strike since the beginning of November, and there seems to be no end in sight.  The sticking point is, of course, !MONEY!  The workers want more of it, but the charity wants to keep it for its Board of Directors.

The picket line has workers carrying professionally made ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs, but when asked were unable to coherently link the reason for the strike to BLM, except to say that “black people deserve more money, otherwise it’s murder!”  

Tropicana bills itself as a Social Justice Organization, serving “those from a Caribbean, Black, and African heritage,” and is funded annually by the taxpayers of Canada, Ontario, and Toronto to the tune of $8.6 million.  Of that, $7.2 million goes to professional fees, stipends, salaries and benefits.  On top of the salaries there are “Administration Expenses” of $600,000, and never mind the $456,753 spent on “stationary and office supplies.”  

Radicalizing the black youth of Toronto ain’t cheap.

Needless to say, the Liberals and NDP are all over this, attempting to put a wedge between the citizenship: “Stronger workers means stronger black youth!” said MPP Jill Andrew.  MP Matthew Green, however, could only get around to ‘tweeting’ his “Solidarity” with the workers plight of not receiving enough taxpayers money.

One Board member told Transverse Waves that, because of the Coronavirus, most of the staff have not been working for most of the year – and yet they kept getting paid.  “It beats me why they went on strike.  They weren’t working but were still paid.  Now they aren’t working, but not getting paid.”  Somebody should talk to their union.

If you want to see how long the strikers last on the picket line as the weather cools, go to TropicanaStrikes.ca for updates.

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