The Creed of the “Great Reset”

Using the coronavirus to change the economy, politics and society with Malthusianism and transhumanism: that is the aim of the World Economic Forum

The major financial powers intend to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a pretext for building a new world order.

This claim is not the preamble to any conspiracy theory based on hypotheses, although it might appear to be. It presents a public and deliberate purpose. The front page of TIME magazine, which appeared on October 22, bears witness to this, showing a model of a globe under construction, surrounded by scaffolding on which labourers and managers work. Above that, the headline “The Great Reset” The article is about how to reset everything and start over in a different way.

The great reset

But what does this “Great Reset”, to which the famous weekly newspaper dedicated the entire issue, mean? We find the answer in the statement by Klaus Schwab, Executive Director of the World Economic Forum (WEF), also known as the “Forum of Davos”, in the Swiss city, where economists, billionaires, intellectuals and heads of state meet annually to discuss the foundations of a new world order, and to outline the global economic and political initiatives to achieve this. Schwab explained in a speech: “Now is the historic moment not only to seriously fight the coronavirus, but also to shape the system that will come in the time after Corona. We can choose to remain passive and reinforce the trends we see today: polarization, nationalism, racism, and finally social crises, unrest and conflict. But we still have another option: to build a new social contract based on respect for human dignity, ecology and digitization. In short,” concludes Schwab, “we need a ‘great reset’”.

Against wealth

What is Schwab’s recipe for? That issue is also covered on the official WEF website, which stated in a message published in July that “the greatest threat to the world” at the time of COVID-19 is not the causative agent but rather “wealth”. Moreover, as the scientists who worked on the WEF study still point out, “wealth is the engine of environmental and social impact,” meaning “real sustainability requires significant lifestyle changes rather than hoping for more efficient use of resources.”

Medium-sized companies in the crosshairs?

However, it is not known what they mean in Davos by “significant changes in people’s lifestyles”. The content of such a strong statement would have to be clarified. Also because the lives of the majority of the world’s population have actually been disrupted by COVID-19, but at least so far, the changes have not worked to the benefit of the majority. If there is one group whose wealth has been weakened, as various studies show, it is that of the middle class. On the contrary, studies show that the virus has made the tycoons even richer.

In summary, while 50 million workers in the world have lost their jobs to the pandemic, some of the richest have increased the value of their wealth by more than a quarter. This erosion of the wealth hoped for in Davos has only harmed the middle class and impaired family savings. And general impoverishment certainly does not contribute to an overall improvement in society as it creates discontent, crises, protests and social unrest.

Widespread hatred

In fact, the WEF itself warns in another article: “Thanks to the current pandemic, the world is unbalanced and will remain so in the years to come. Far from settling in a ‘new normal’, we should expect a domino effect from COVID-19 that will trigger further disruptions, positive and negative, over the next decade.” The wave of civil unrest that has recently spread across America, could be an example of this. Hate, intolerance, censorship of dissidents against the media and then violence, that have plagued cities in the United States could be the sign of social upheaval the WEF is hoping for, and is now taking place on a global scale. In the face of such prospects, it seems inconvenient to hope for this “Great Reset”, even less, in the name of a green redefinition of the global economy.

The return of Malthusianism

Ecology, on the other hand, is linked to the myth of overpopulation. The belief behind environmental protection and “happy growth” is that “the world population will grow too fast, with the risk that there will be serious risks of  shortages of available resources in the coming decades.

Finally, the proposed “solution” is always to contrast demographic growth with “family planning” and “reproductive and sexual health”, which in the neologism-infused language of the United Nations (UN) means promoting contraception, sterilization, and euthanasia and abortion and every other nefarious evil. These new “human rights” are to be promoted and, if necessary, enforced.

It is no accident that the most ardent proponents of these theses point a finger at those who still have children. Proponents also claim that children are the worst thing that can be done for the environment. Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) lives again through the “Great Reset”.  What the WEF and other Resetters fail to point out is that third world migration is largely responsible for many economic problems and environmental degradation.  Migrants have more children as Westerners, and their carbon footprint skyrockets the moment they move to a Western nation.

“Great Reset” against redemption

Not only is Malthusianism the credo of the Great Reboot, but gender ideology and transhumanism as well. While an article published on the WEF website promotes policies in favor of LGBT+ as “part of an important economic strategy”, Schwab announced in a speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs the generally positive goals: “The fourth industrial revolution is becoming the merging of our physical, digital and biological identities.” Every drift created by scientific advances is damned with good intentions.

“Robots will save people because they will improve his life, take him away from unnecessary risks and dehumanizing jobs and even allow him to improve himself and his life.”  See, losing your job is a good thing!

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