Rudy Giuliani: At least 650,000 illegal ballot papers found in Pennsylvania

Trump’s attorney hits heavy artillery: 50+ witnesses in Pennsylvania, plus countless affidavits

“We filed our charges in Pennsylvania yesterday. We hope to have a court date soon where all or some of our 50 witnesses can testify. We have countless affidavits to prove what we’re saying,” said US President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani in an interview with Fox News Business Insider Lou Dobbs.

“The mass media reports that we have no evidence is an outright lie,” added Giuliani.

“We are prepared for the trial, we can go to court tomorrow. […] We found over 650,000 ballot papers that are of illegal origin,” he explained.

Giuliani pointed out several inconsistencies: Republicans were deliberately kept away from the ballot counting; something that in itself is against the law and also looks very implausible.

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Giuliani also cited the Michigan lawsuits as an example, where there were over 130,000 false ballot papers. Trump’s attorney said that very special witnesses emerged there, such as an election worker who said she had been trained to systematically cheat since the fall.

“They trained them to forge and change signatures that didn’t ‘look good’, to fill out unsigned ballot papers, to find people who were not registered for the election and to find their personal details. During the pre-election period, many people were brought to the machines by Democrats to show them how to vote for Biden [but not for Trump]. “

“This witness called the vote count an ‘atrocity’. Republicans were kicked out, ballot papers weren’t counted, ballot papers were counted regardless of whether the envelopes were properly registered or not. There were a multitude of ballot papers that looked exactly the same and were all for Biden, Biden, Biden … “

Giuliani called the Democrats criminal: “I think we should do with criminals what we always did with them in America: put them in jail. This is probably the crookedest choice that has ever been made.”

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