Rudy Giuliani: This is criminal election fraud that is being investigated in court

The team around Trump’s legal advisor Rudy Giuliani announced in its press conference that all indications of bribery, election manipulation, software manipulation, false ballot papers and influences from abroad, from Venezuela and China, would be examined in detail by a court. The evidence of electoral fraud is overwhelming.

[See Rudy Giuliani’s press conference on YouTube HERE]

Donald Trump and his campaign team and the team behind Republican Rudy Giuliani, who as legal advisor leads the fight against election fraud, are not giving up. They are collecting all indications of fraud and manipulation and want to have this presented in court. Giuliani and his team explained this at a press conference, which is intended as an opening salvo  and which will be followed by more press conferences with further details.

According to Rudy Giuliani, there is no point in simply counting again, as is currently done in some districts, if the wrong ballot papers are counted again. Many ballot papers are simply false, “filled out” by non-existent people, or have been received in a mysterious manner afterwards.

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In addition, they want to have a legal process of how many election observers were prevented from properly exercising their duties and rights.

Furthermore, the election should be checked for possible manipulation of the algorithms of the election counting software. This is particularly about the “Dominion” software, which was misused for manipulation. Connections abroad, for example to Venezuela and China, but also Spain, Germany and other European countries, were presented.

In addition, cases of bribery and corruption are brought up and checked. They will not give up until everything has been carefully examined.

In the US mainstream media, Giuliani’s press appearance is being used to imply that he is clinging to conspiracy theories. The Canadian mainstream media follow the narratives of their American colleagues without examining the individual criticisms made by the Trump team more closely.  The CBC has a blackout on Rudy Giuliani and his legal efforts, claiming there is “no evidence” of electoral fraud, despite thousands of pages of evidence and affidavits presented to courts by Trump’s legal team.

Giuliani calls on the media to report seriously on the manipulation and election fraud and not to cover up anything.

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