Canada enthusiastic about Xi Jinping’s proposal to create international “health codes”

During the G20 summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed to create an international mechanism for mutual recognition of the “health code” based on the data from coronavirus tests.

The Chinese leader said the mechanism will be based on the results of nucleic acid tests in the form of internationally mutually recognized QR codes.

“I hope that as many countries and regions of the world as possible will join the mechanism,” the Chinese President stressed.

Beijing will make every effort to help developing countries, including making the COVID vaccine available to them, he said.

“China is ready to strengthen cooperation with other countries in the field of research and development, production and distribution of vaccines against coronavirus,” Xi Jinping said.

Canadian Health Minister Patty Hajdu was enthusiastic about sharing information with the Chinese Communist Party.  “This would go a long way to tracking people who later turn out to be infected,” she said.  The Minister later told reporters that “only a global response and international cooperation can defeat Covid.  We need to work through the WHO and the UN.”

“Health Codes” have been operating in China since spring 2020, each city has its own system in social networks. The code contains information about where the person was, as well as the safety of the areas, which are indicated with special colors.

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