Leftists celebrate Kamala Harris as the “first” non-white US Vice President – “forgot” about Republican VP from 90 years ago.

Obama or not, when it comes to diversity and ethnic equality, the Democrats have historically lagged the Republicans. Kamala Harris may become the first woman to serve as Vice President. But she would not be the first “person of color”.

“Diversity” in the White House as early as 1928

In fact, Harris would be number 2 at best!  As usual, leftists’ knowledge and understanding of history slows them down.

As early as 1929, Charles Curtis, a politician of Indian descent, was Vice President – at the side of Republican Herbert Hoover. Curtis’ parentage was no secret either, but was well known to his party and the American people. Nevertheless, he made it to the second highest office in his nation.

Leftists do not recognize Curtis

Left-wing journalists are thrilled that Kamala Harris is not only a woman, but also has African and Asian roots.

At least the state radio station NPR is said to have pointed out Curtis’ 91-year lead over Harris to its journalists. They asked to please stop calling Harris the “first non-white” in office.

Now leftists are angry. “That dude is extremely white presenting,” wrote someone on Twitter. “This is just gross and NPR should be ashamed.”  Another was even more transparent: “He was a Republican so it doesn’t count!!!”

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