Real satire on Twitter: Leftists list things that “feel racist”

“What kind of things can you think of that feel racist to you?”, Twitter user @abcdrih asked her followers. The results are not only involuntary satire, but also psychologically revealing. The last answer in particular exposes the double standards of the commentators.

1 ⠀Shoes

2 ⠀Haircuts

3 ⠀Emojis

4 ⠀”American flags”

5 ⠀Smiling

6 ⠀Who does this?

7 ⠀People without masks

8 ⠀More haircuts

9 ⠀”Oy, Bruv!”

10 ⠀NOT talking about politics is racist.

11 ⠀Shoes, again.

12 ⠀Dogs (not fighting dogs).

13 ⠀Clothes.

14 ⠀Skin colour(!!) is racist.

15 ⠀Cars and sunglasses

16 ⠀Not being racist.

17 ⠀From the looks of her, she seems to have a LOT of personal space.

18 ⠀Living in New Mexico.

19 ⠀The truth.

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