US elections are the result of a “nationwide conspiracy”

Trump’s lawyers press conference: George Soros and Clinton Foundation involved in election fraud

In a press conference at Republican headquarters in Washington DC, US President Donald Trump’s legal team commented on the current election fraud lawsuits that are currently pending in several US states.

Taking part in the press conference were Trump’s personal attorneys, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell, who have both repeatedly presented the approach in the press over the past few weeks.

“This was not the idea of ​​10 or 12 Democratic politicians,” said Giuliani. “This was a plan. You’d have to be a fool not to see that. […] When I said that everything went according to the same pattern in 10 countries, I understood that it couldn’t be a coincidence.”

During a marathon press conference in Washington, DC, Giuliani outlined Trump’s efforts to challenge the election results in court. Giuliani said illegal postal ballot papers and postal ballot slips were given for Biden. Corrupt election workers were also at work when the count came up. Inspections have meanwhile been made impossible.

“This is clearly a nationwide conspiracy. The evidence came to light very, very quickly,” added Giuliani.

Giuliani said he had tens of witnesses and hundreds of affidavits testifying to election rigging and misconduct and quoted Jessy Jacob from Michigan who stated, “Basically, [I was] trained to cheat on Biden’s behalf.”

Giuliani presented a chart titled “Multiple Paths to Victory,” which indicated that in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin Biden might be denied victory.

Attorney Sidney Powell discussed the use of the voting software “Smartmatic” [Transverse Waves reported].

Powell alleges that the Smartmatic software was illegally “injected” into Dominion branded counting machines.

She added that a software algorithm automatically changed votes for Trump to votes for Biden, and that computer operators also manually “destroyed” votes for Trump to distort the counts.

This software was also used in the “election” of the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez and other countries.

“The Dominion software operators cannot be located at this time. They moved their offices overnight. They shared the Toronto office with a company owned by financier George Soros.”

She linked the operation to Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Soro’s right-hand man in Britain.

Dominion Software also has connections with the Clinton Foundation and other well-known politicians in this country.”

Powell also alleged links between Smartmatic and financier George Soros as well as the Clinton Foundation.

“I think the Department of Justice and various state law enforcement agencies need to conduct a full criminal investigation,” she added.

Meanwhile, other reports show that Dominion servers were confiscated by the US military in Germany.

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