Klaus Schwab, Transhumanism and “The Great Reset”

The Great Reset proposed by major globalists uses the ideas of transhumanism and the “fourth industrial revolution” to call for more surveillance, control, and physical connections between man and machine. The digital world will merge with our thoughts. One of the protagonists of this dystopia is Klaus Schwab.

One of the most influential personalities in the globalist plan for the so-called “Great Reset” is the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab. His ideology is shaped by the idea of ​​transhumanism. That means the future merging of man, machine and computer. He also sees the so-called “fourth industrial revolution” (also called “Industrial Revolution 4.0”) through this lense. He speaks of a merging of physical, digital and biological identities. That’s what he said at his talk at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

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His ideas are popular not only in Canada, but his book “Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” with the transhumanist ideas it contains is also widely read and quoted in China, Japan and South Korea.

The new amalgamation of man and machine, of biology and technology, will be used by the military, bureaucrats, economists, sociologists, and by the police. The South Korean military alone is said to have bought 16,000 copies of his book in order to train their officers accordingly.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, uncritically following the orders of his global masters, recently urged member states of the United Nations to use the Coronavirus plague as an excuse to implement The Great Reset. In response, Conservative Party MP Pierre Poilievre started a petition, with the naive notion that Trudeau is sensitive to the opinions of Canadians. Mr. Poilievre’s colleage, Michelle Rempel Garner, put out a Tweet condemning the implementation of the Great Reset that nobody voted for.

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You can see where this is going: It is a dystopia of total surveillance and total control. Sooner or later it will therefore be possible to penetrate our thoughts and control our behaviour. There is even talk of brain scanners to retrieve memories. Devices for creating memories and behaviours can then be implanted in the brain.

In a certain sense, the smartphones that we use every day are the first step of this new kind of transhumanism. Never before in human history have so many people been so closely monitored and influenced as today.

The Corona crisis and the now-accelerated “Great Reset” are paving the way for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” to be implemented more quickly.

3 thoughts on “Klaus Schwab, Transhumanism and “The Great Reset”

  1. I don’t see what’s wrong with the way things used to be. When Western Nations exported our culture to less civilized countries.

    If anything, we should reset to the 17th or 18th century, a time when there was true greatness among Western nations. When there was true morality among the population, and we all knew what was right and what was wrong.


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