If Trump can get the election into Congress, victory is assured

Law professor Alan Derschowitz: “Trump will try to deny Biden the 270 votes.”

Harvard emeritus professor and lawyer Alan Dershowitz predicts that Trump will try to deny Biden the 270 votes he needs to become President.

US President Donald Trump is not aiming for a direct election victory, but rather to thwart Biden’s election result, said the famous law professor Dershowitz in an interview with Newsmax.

Trump’s best chance would be to bring enough legal challenges to Biden’s apparent victory to get some of the 270 votes needed to win. Then Trump could bring the election to Congress.

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“What he’s going to try is to deny Joe Biden 270 votes by suing in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan and Arizona,” said Dershowitz.

If Biden didn’t get 270 votes, then the election would go to the House of Representatives, where Democrats are in the majority. Currently the majority for Democrats is 26-23.

“So if the election was dictated by the twenty [electoral college] votes in Pennsylvania, and if the margin there was small enough to be affected by the late count, their votes, then they would have a considerable chance, because three or four of the judges are on Trump’s side,” says Dershowitz.

In the event that none of the candidates get the required majority, the American Constitution provides that the election will be decided in this way – i.e. in the House of Representatives. This has happened three times in American history in 1800, 1824, and 1836.

In such a case of a conditional election , the US Constitution provides for this procedure under Article 2, Section 1, Clause 3.

In the current situation, this strategy seems to work in favor of Trump if he were to take this path. Dershowitz expressed his opinion that this was the surest way to victory.

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