Leftist woman posts anti-police white-hatred selfie – is still insulted by comrades for wearing dreadlocks

She thought she was getting likes, but that backfired.

All the way left is still not enough left

This photo actually has it all: a mask on which police officers are addressed with “Fuck you, you pig” . A shirt that accuses normal whites of being violent, and unkempt colored hair that you can smell through the screen.

Actually, this selfie from a Facebook user should have easily garnered likes in the leftist echo chambers. But the opposite happened.

In spite of her wokeness, which is demonstratively on display, the woman in the picture has forgotten that white dreadlocks have recently been regarded as cultural appropriation and thus as racist.

Many users, especially her left-wing friends, criticized her for this. “Cool shirt,” writes one, “but the dreads just don’t work!”

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