Following censorship on YouTube, internet users switch to “Rumble” and “bitchute”

Google and YouTube censor, delete and hide videos. Channels are closed, content is removed. More and more internet users are switching to alternative platforms.

The quasi-monopoly of YouTube, Google’s video platform, will soon be obsolete. For a long time it looked as if YouTube had eliminated all other video platforms due to its sheer size and market power. The number of videos and users is too large for any other video platform to effectively compete for the top position.

But the permanent censorship, the deletion of channels and content, the hiding of videos and the harassment of numerous users with political content have caused so much annoyance, especially during the US election campaign, that a critical number of Internet users has finally begun the exodus.

The current benefactors of the exodus are the video platforms  Rumble and bitchute. They try to create a space for freedom of expression and to limit censorship to the bare minimum. Many conservative “content producers” have already switched to the alternative platforms. Many also use the platforms as security, – a backup, so to speak – in case their videos on YouTube are deleted.

So if you are interested in alternative political reports and opinions, you will be more likely to find what you are looking for at Rumble and bitchute than at YouTube.

Similar developments can be found in short message services. Because more and more tweets on Twitter fell victim to censorship, most recently even statements by US President Donald Trump, more and more people in the USA are switching to the short message platform “parler“.

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