Shocking videos: Brave Antifa heroes beat defenseless people bloody in the street

Thousands of Trump supporters recently gathered in Washington DC to demonstrate peacefully. But also violent criminals from BLM and Antifa showed up. What they did is causing an outcry on social media

Attack those who cannot defend themselves

In Canada, BLM and Antifa are repeatedly played down by left-wing politicians. Amateur recordings of a pro-Trump demonstration in Washington show that reality is completely different.

Particularly blatant: The victims of the Antifa are mainly people who can hardly defend themselves. As in the case of a woman who leaves the demonstration while an Antifa supporter hits her on the head from behind.

In the next case, a violent anti-fascist beats an older man from behind, bloody and unconscious. After he lies on the ground, two more people step on the defenseless man. Also there: the violent offender from the first video with the eye-catching yellow pants.

Another mob of hooded Antifa supporters knocked over an older Trump supporter on his bike while cheering and doused him with a liquid.

Another video shows two elderly people being harassed, verbally abused and pelted with explosives and liquids by a mob.

A young couple is also harassed by Antifa supporters when they leave the demonstration. The perpetrators try to pull the woman away from her boyfriend and pour a liquid on the couple. The man tries as best he can to get his crying girlfriend away from the angry anti-fascist mob.

On one side there are peaceful demonstrators, on the other side an angry mob of anti-fascist aggressors is active. Where is the reporting on it? Would the Canadian media be just as silent if it had been the other way around?

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