Warning: Gag-fest ahead! AOC and Jagmeet Singh to talk about racism while livestreaming themselves playing video games.

With a backdrop of burning US cities in the US and a worldwide plague threatening global stability, crazy leftist congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be going head-to-head with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, playing a video game.

The emperor Nero has been accused of starting the fire (or at least not doing enough to stop it) that devastated Rome in 59 AD.  His reason: self interest.  The destruction allowed him to substantially increase the size of his villa in the centre of the City.  This same is now said about the Democrats and the wave of riots, looting, and arson that has swept across US cities this year.  Every night of arson means more votes.

While it may not be true that Nero actually “fiddled” during the destruction of the Eternal City, it is certainly true that elected Democrats and Canadian leftists are playing video games during the destruction of the West.  

On Thursday, noted racist and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh invited noted racist and Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to join him on Twitch to play Among Us.  For adults, that means they will broadcast themselves to the world while they are playing a video game.

Reactions have been predictable.  Teenagers and leftists who lack critical thought and the knowledge of history swooned and begged to take part.  Conservatives rolled their eyes.

Icelandic MP Smari McCarthy begged to be included with his celebrity idol, asking “Can Icelandic Members of Parliament join?”

Twitter user Anna Scorie tweeted “These 2 commies in training deserve one another. Play your silly games and let the grownups lead.”

Conservative Party MP Bob Benzen was not impressed. “My memories of going to my friends’ houses just to sit there and watch them play video games ‘just until they get to the next level’  mean that I will be sitting this one out.”

Jagmeet Singh is the epitome of a privileged champagne socialist; his watches alone cost more than the average wage in Canada.  Nor is he afraid to call people who disagree with him “racist.” In June of this year Mr. Singh had threatened to call any MP racist who did not support his motion calling the RCMP “systemically racist.”  This sufficiently cowed all but one of the 338 elected MPs into approving the motion.  Mr. Singh was true to his word and called Bloc Quebecois member Alain Therrien a “racist,” for which he was expelled from the House of Commons.  Earlier this week it came to light that Mr. Singh’s defamatory remarks led to death threats against Mr. Therrien by leftist NDP supporters.  Mr. Singh has consistently refused to apologize. 

For those that want real entertainment, you can watch two senior citizens beat each other up on Saturday night starting at 8:00 pm Eastern when Mike Tyson will be taking on Roy Jones Junior in an exhibition match.  The price is $49.99 on pay-per-view, but internet savvy users will be able to find websites streaming it for free.

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