Stolen election: Evidence presented at Pennsylvania hearing

They called it a dagger aimed at the heart of democracy, a conspiracy that, if not foiled, will first enslave Americans and then all other citizens of the still free world. They say it’s happening and there are only days to stop it: the theft of the 2020 US election.

American private investigators in the state of Pennsylvania, led by legendary New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, say they have exposed the wildest crime in United States history.  Their expert witnesses include former military intelligence officers, lawyers, former prosecutors and forensic data specialists.

Some of them have endured death threats to themselves and also their families and loved ones. Others have seen their jobs jeopardized.

“We have to get a witness protection program at some point,” Giuliani said. One of the team’s lawyers, he added, has left his job because of pressure from powerful people trying to cover up this story. At an information hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on November 24, a Pennsylvania Republican official and the local media audience watched in disbelief as witness after witness (all of whom signed affidavits) painted a stunning and devastating picture. It was a picture where corrupt individuals, not yet named, did their best to manipulate the outcome of the vote.They set up a back room for secret vote counting where they uploaded dubious votes from USB sticks, and enabled tens of thousands of postal ballot papers to be counted without accountability. The evidence came mainly from two Pennsylvania counties.

Other civil proceedings with a similar pattern of electoral fraud are also being filed in Michigan and Georgia. There is growing evidence that the 2020 presidential election was the subject of electoral fraud. Despite what was said in the hearing, mainstream news outlets continue to report that there is no evidence or witnesses to support Trump’s claims of massive election fraud. Like CNN one day after the hearing:

“… Trump invited the Pennsylvania Republicans to the White House for a West Wing meeting, two sources told CNN. It is a reprise of a gambit the President tried with two leading Michigan GOP state lawmakers, who visited Washington last week, for a debriefing the President hoped would yield more fuel for his baseless claims of election fraud.”

And the CBC “reported” Trump has:

“repeated his unfounded claims of massive voter fraud … in a sometimes rambling discourse at the White House, while continuing to offer no concrete evidence of widespread voting irregularities.“

The article goes on to repeat the media’s clearly falsifiable claim that “Biden won the election with 306 electoral college votes — many more than the 270 required — to Trump’s 232,” despite no election results having been certified in any state, nor the electoral college having yet voted.  (The vote is due on December 14.)

You can watch the Gettysburg hearing to see if the claims are “unfounded”: See video LINK here.

The witnesses at Gettysburg are incontestable. Any fair jury in a US courtroom would rule in their favor. And their testimony supports the conclusions of America’s greatest prosecutor, Rudy Giuliani:

“You have two major gaps—you have the 672,770 votes that were not inspected by anyone secretly put into the ballot box, and then you have this gap that I don’t understand between the mail-in ballots. You’ve sent out 1.8 million—and the number you counted—2.5 million!”

Joe Biden’s win in Pennsylvania was apparently the result of cheating. Donald Trump seems to have won the election there, perhaps in a landslide. Whatever happens in court, the burden of proof now rests on Joe Biden, the Pennsylvania civil servant, and Democratic Party leaders to explain and refute the evidence presented in Gettysburg. It is now their job to convince us, the public, that the Pennsylvania election was NOT stolen.

Why were over 672,770 votes secret? Why were 700,000 more postal ballot papers counted than were sent?

The subject is not partisan. It’s not Trump. It’s not Biden. It is this: every American has a vote – and an electoral vote – and it needs to be counted, and if even a single vote is stolen the democratic process is weakened. This is what the Americans have fought and died for since 1776.

Don’t let the politicians and their mainstream media fool you. The elections in America are far from over. Only the electoral college can hold a US election. This is not the job of the media. Or Silicon Valley. Or from the leaders of foreign nations.

It is the right of the American people to have their duly elected House Representatives under Article 2, Chapter 1, Section of the US Constitution. Today President Lincoln’s words resound to a new generation:

“It is up to us here to be prepared for the great task that lies ahead … that we are highly determined here that these dead did not die in vain – that this nation will experience a new birth of freedom under God – and this government of the people by the people for the people will not disappear from the earth. “

That is what this legal battle is about: the government of the people, by the people, for the people. And the Constitution provides for legal action precisely when there is reason to believe that corruption and fraud have influenced the presidential election. Let the process take its course.

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