George Soros Corona Donations Fund Globalism Agenda

Warsaw, Budapest, Milan: Abortion policy and LGBT ideology are funded by money from the globalist billionaire.

George Soros, Founder of the Open Society Foundation and Prophet of Globalism, donates funds to fight COVID-19 but the effect of the money is seen elsewhere: pro-abortion and LGBT politicians are suddenly getting a boost. Is that just a coincidence?

In Warsaw, whose mayor Rafał Trzaskowski was the candidate of the coalition that brought together all the opposition parties in the presidential elections in June and July, the only thing that is certain is that the administration worked hard to continue the pro-abortion demonstrations in the last weeks of the election despite their vandalism and sacrilege in churches. Even public buildings were illuminated in the colors of the rainbow. The extensive donation of Soros funds to Polish pro-LGBT and pro-abortion networks goes far beyond the investments made in Warsaw: it amounts to several million euros throughout Poland in the last two years alone. This is an initiative to promote the LGBT agenda, in support of people who, despite the hysterics of the mainstream media, are not persecuted in the slightest in Poland.

The parallels with the social unrest caused by the BLM uprisings in the USA is blindingly obvious.

Similar dynamics are emerging in Budapest.

There, funds donated for Corona aid, were used by Gergely Karáscsony to unite all anti-Orbán parties with a view to the parliamentary elections in 2021. Coincidence?

Now something similar is emerging in Italy:

Milan accepted the money donated by Soros for the fight against COVID-19 with one hand, while  on November 20, at the initiative of the ruling Democratic Party, it celebrated the first transgender day at Palazzo Marino with the other.

All just coincidences, no doubt.

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