Judge in Pennsylvania sees “prospects” for Trump

In Pennsylvania, Judge Patricia McCullough gave Republicans a good chance of having late votes invalidated.

In Pennsylvania, Judge Patricia McCullough gave Republicans a good chance of having late votes invalidated. The plaintiffs have “prospects of success” because the “constitution (of the state of Pennsylvania) requires a constitutional amendment to extend the postal vote,” said McCullough in her assessment of the case.

The Republicans tabled a resolution in Congress of Pennsylvania calling on the governor and secretary of state, because of numerous irregularities, to declare the election results “in dispute” and to refrain from certification.

As the mainstream media reported loudly, on November 27, the Trump campaign lawsuit against the Pennsylvania result certification was dismissed by the 3rd District of Pennsylvania Federal Court. The same media today remain silent on the Trump victory.

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis welcomed the dismissal of the lawsuit on Twitter by saying, “The activist judicial machinery in Pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud. We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to present proof and the facts to the PA state legislature. On to SCOTUS!”

At the November 25 Republican hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani pointed out that 682,770 postal votes in Philadelphia were illegally counted without the supervision of Republican election observers. These votes are therefore invalid.

22,686 postal votes were received on the same day they were sent – a practical impossibility. 32,591 postal votes were returned after just one day. According to the files, a further 20,000 postal votes were even returned before they were sent, said Giuliani. 8,021 postal votes were cast by dead people in Philadelphia. 4,984 postal votes were cast, although they were never requested, Giuliani said. The Philadelphia election was “a fraud, a shame”.

Gettysburg hearing organizer Senator Doug Mastriano (Republican) said Saturday there was “growing evidence that the election has been compromised.” In this case, the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans, must step in and determine the electoral college votes for the state. Senator Mastroiano was banned from Twitter on the day of the hearing. Twitter later called the elected representative’s ban a “mistake.”

On the evening of the election, Donald Trump led in the steel and oil state of Pennsylvania by almost 700,000 votes ahead of Joe Biden, with 2,965,636 to 2,290,624 votes. After the end of the vote, Joe Biden gained nearly 1 million votes in the state and now leads with 3,459,923 votes, 81,660 votes ahead of Trump’s 3,378,263 votes.

Republican election observers complained that they were not allowed to enter the Philadelphia counting center or supervise the count. Trump attorney Pam Bondi obtained a court order to allow them entry, but the Republican election observers were kept behind a barrier at a distance of 10 meters, referencing the Coronavirus, and could only watch the count with binoculars.

On November 5th the Republicans obtained a court order against the highly dubious harassment, valid from 10:30 am, but were still prevented from attending the count. Video footage showed Democratic activist Michele Hangley refusing to obey the court order.

If either the 672,770 late votes or the 682,770 votes that were counted without Republican oversight were invalidated, it would likely mean Donald Trump’s election victory in Pennsylvania.

In the presidential debate against Joe Biden, before the election on October 29th, Donald Trump pointed out problems in the democratically governed Philadelphia with early votes: “In Philadelphia election observers were kicked out, they were not allowed to watch. And why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia.”

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