Klaus Schwab warns of a global cyber pandemic

The same man who drove the “Great Reset” in the wake of the Corona crisis is now warning of a global cyber pandemic that could paralyze the world’s infrastructure.

[See video on YouTube HERE]

Klaus Schwab, Chairman of the World Economic Forum, is the driving force behind the “Great Reset”. Now is the time to transform the world economically and socially in order to move away from crude oil as a resource and initiate the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which paves the way for transhumanism. The Corona crisis should offer the perfect opportunity for this.

The announced final victory of the global revolution

The same man recently warned of a global cyber pandemic. What does he mean by that? The entire world economy and global infrastructure are dependent on the Internet: the military, nuclear power plants, hospitals, power plants, all global communications, all of this depends on the international network of computers. New cyber viruses could paralyze the entire network and thus our entire infrastructure, and the effects could be much more serious than the current corona crisis, warns Schwab.

The Creed of the “Great Reset”

Why does he come with this scare tactic now of all times? Hasn’t it been known for at least three decades that cyber crime can attack the infrastructure of all countries? Is this warning supposed to pave the way for new cyber-security systems that lead to more surveillance and control of people and promote the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with a transhumanist population? Because one thing is clear: if the global elite follow their utopian vision with a digitized society, then we will become even more susceptible to cyber crime, not less.

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