Social Justice Gaming: Playstation wants to record voice chats in order to track incorrect words

If you regularly play Playstation with friends and use the in-house party voice chat, you should now pay attention to what you say. With the latest update of the game console, gamers are encouraged to denounce their fellow players.

Totalitarianism in Playstation voice chat: If you say something wrong, BE PREPARED to face the consequences

“Please be aware that voice chats in player groups can now be recorded by fellow players and sent to us. By participating in voice chat, you consent to your voice being recorded. If behavior is reported that is said to have violated the Community Code of Conduct, Playstation Security will listen to the recordings to verify. “

Playstation players recently saw this message after updating their console, And many of them came out of their basement to comment: there was criticism of the console manufacturer Sony on social media.

Climate of fear: Playstation players feel insecure about voice recordings

Twitter user @ Ginzin0 is irritated by the update: “What exactly do you mean by take action, what will be the consequences? Lets say if i’ve spent a thousand dollars on digital games and suddenly somebody takes offense to something i say and report me and Sony find me to be in the wrong, do i get banned and lose access to my games?”

In another post, he adds: “It’s a bottomless pit because in today’s world someone always feels hurt by something.”

Digital-Antifa: Are video games becoming a mouthpiece for left-wing propaganda?

But who actually determines what is considered injurious and what is not? “Electronic Arts” recently announced two left-wing policies.

On the one hand there is an initiative where they advertise an “anti-racist, LBGTQIA+ -friendly and feminist video game culture”. Also with the slogan “Good Gaming is Well Played Democracy”. Whatever that means.

Twitter user @ RAZ0RFIST criticized the development as follows: “TV is dying. Cinema is dead. New outlet for Marxist propaganda required. And guess what’s at the top of the list?”

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