The birth of would-be dictators

One must not tire of repeating: The daily horror figures with which we are daily bombarded by politicians and the media and which are used as an excuse to paralyze social life and, by extension, the economy, are misleading.

It is not a matter of new infections, nor are the vast majority of those who test positive for Corona sick and thus contagious. Due to the extensive testing with a test that is not at all suitable for diagnoses (and was therefore rejected by the Portuguese Court of Appeal as unsuitable for the determination of Covid 19 on November 11), virus debris is predominantly detected, which can also come from long-term influenza illnesses.

In the meantime, the WHO has also given the all-clear and published that Covid 19, with a mortality of 0.14%, is no more deadly than the flu. Contrary to claims, there are no asymptomatic infections: those who are not sick cannot infect anyone.

In addition, the WHO has warned of the fatal consequences of lockdowns.

Nevertheless, Canada is being driven into an extended lockdown by the Prime Minister and Premiers, which should last at least until January. The last few weeks have shown that the measures are superfluous, because the fear that hospitals would be overburdened has not come true because few people are so seriously ill with Covid-19 that they have to be clinically treated.

The claimed exponential growth did not take place either, as everyone can see for themselves from the figures published daily. “Doctor” Tam, who had loudly warned against such exponential growth, was once again wrong; moreover, she does not have the ability to admit a mistake or ignorance. When a mathematician wanted to explain to her what exponential growth means, Tam preferred to block him on Twitter than to learn something new.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu took the opportunity to present herself as a saviour. She took the exponential growth that had not taken place as evidence of the success of the lockdown and the continued high test numbers as evidence of the alleged need to keep locking up the population. In particular, the mask requirement is tightened, although there are no medical reasons for this. Using masks to stop viruses is about as effective as trying to protect yourself from mosquitoes with a chain link fence.

Masks should even be worn in the fresh air, they say. This means that people are being forced to breathe their own CO2 more often instead of filling up with oxygen. The mask hinders the depth of breathing, which is important for maintaining health. The consequences will soon no longer be hidden. Exercise, which is also good for the immune system, is also prevented.

Just as new Geen Party leader Annamie Paul once called for a CO2-free society and thus demonstrated that she knows nothing about the role of CO2 in plant growth, Paul wants a contactless society. The would-be politician seems to be very well aware that people, especially young people, are dependent on contact with their fellow human beings in order to stay healthy. So why does she want to deny it to others?

Suddenly politics has discovered the desire to impose bans. It is by no means just the Prime Minister and Premiers who eagerly tighten regulations and indulge in their lust for punishment and control – only for our protection of course, but every mayor and administrator can participate. Where do all these little would-be dictators come from? Apparently, like terrorist sleeper cells, they were always with us. Now they have taken the opportunity to emerge.  

Isn’t it time Canadians take the opportunity to emerge from our apathy and compliance, and resist these dictators?

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