“There is a coup in progress against the president”

The incumbent US President Donald Trump will be sworn in again in January. General Michael T. Flynn, National Security Advisor, is certain of that. The “four-year coup against the president” will not be successful, said Flynn in an interview with Worldview Weekend, a talk show hosted by Brannon Howse.

Even before the start of his first term in office, Donald Trump faced massive attacks from the left-wing US Democrats. Those attacks have increased in intensity over his four years in office, during which time “the stakes have been increased significantly”. In fact, what is happening on the political stage in the US is a four-year coup against the incumbent US president. So says General Michael T. Flynn, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under Barack Obama. He also served as commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JFCC-ISR), member of the Military Intelligence Board and is currently the National Security Advisor.

Flynn is sending a clear message to the Democrats: they are Democrats “only in name”. In fact, however, they have already “moved very far to the left”. And “when they lost in 2016, in my opinion there was a decision – ‘we will not allow something like this to happen again’.” They began on the day Donald Trump was appointed President and drove the narrative of the mainstream media; today the “Democratic Socialist Party of America” continues unchanged.

For four years now, those people have been hoping that Trump might say he doesn’t need any of this, that he has better things to do and that he would leave. “Thank god he didn’t,” says Flynn. But he also incited the political and media establishment to go after him “in every possible way,” from “psychological operations” (the alleged Russia affair conspiracy theory) to the politicization of the coronavirus.  Postal ballot papers and election theft with the Smartmatic software and the Dominion systems “to open up everything that brings them closer to their goal – the coup.”

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