Canada 2020: the nation’s morale falters

There is hardly any laughter anymore, conversations have become significantly less frequent. A depressed mood lies like a gloomy haze over people’s gray everyday life. Some fear the virus and others fear the increasingly authoritarian state. There is trepidation.

Doctors report how depressed their patients are, but are not surprised: “We have been constantly bombarded with corona disaster reports since April. That has an effect,” said one.

And never in the history of Canada have the rights of citizens been so severely curtailed as is currently the case. The now ubiquitous mask requirement transforms the public space into a kind of “zombie land”; harsh words are often heard, mostly from a distance. Each is the other’s enemy, a potential threat to health, even life. It is as if the mask has stifled all kindness and charity that remains after decades community dissolution. There are no longer fellow citizens, only potential carriers of the disease.

Sitting at home makes you sad

People’s activities have been limited to work, grocery shopping, and staying at home. Leisure activities? Almost everything has been forbidden. Bad times for singles too. Even if you get to know each other online (which many don’t like), where should you meet? And why should a woman buy a nice dress or expensive shoes if she has no way of showing them off?

Seniors are also hit particularly hard in old people’s and nursing homes. The strict regulation of visits with their relatives deprives them of the human warmth that they need more urgently than ever in their lives. Do our old people deserve such sunset years? Shouldn’t they be able to decide for themselves what risk they want to take for human closeness? Apparently not. They have to stay in their rooms and stare at the wall until all they want is to die. A wish that has been granted to some, as has been heard. Death from a broken heart.

Fear of the financial future 

And then there is the state taking on debt like there’s no tomorrow. We all know that these debts can never, ever, be paid off, but instead will be used to further bankrupt the country, allowing the globalists to “save” us by instructing ust to import even more low-IQ third-worlders.  Say goodbye to your savings.

What comes next? Will there still be functioning health insurance, long-term care insurance, unemployment insurance and social assistance? Probably not. Then how will those betrayed react?  Will the last remnant of freedom and security disappear with our prosperity?

“I am glad that I am already old”

In the meantime, more and more elderly people are realizing that their saying “I’m glad I’m already old, none of this will affect me” is a fallacy.

Because they are the ones who will be hit hardest when the bill for the global corona policy is presented in the coming decade. The care system, which already leaves a lot to be desired, will then collapse completely. And woe to the elderly who are in need of care – or who will be – and who have no relatives to look after them. In extreme cases, these old people will remain in their excrement and perish miserably.

The consequences of the current developments are perhaps not yet fully grasped by many people, but somehow they feel that we are in a great upheaval that will not end well. The realization sinks into the consciousness that the golden age, which has already lasted much longer than any other in the last centuries or even millennia, is finally drawing to a close.  A feeling of the end times is spreading.

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