International aviation authority wants to prevent travel without a vaccination certificate

The International Aviation Organization (IATA) wants to demand an electronic vaccination certificate from air travelers as a precondition of boarding an airplane. If you cannot present such a vaccination certificate, you will remain on the ground, says Alexandre de Juniac, chairman of the IATA.

The Australian airline Qantas has put an obstacle in place for its potential customers: anyone who wants to make an intercontinental flight with Qantas must present a vaccination certificate. Those who do not have one will be excluded from flying, regardless of what kind of ticket the customer bought.

Alexandre de Juniac, chairman of the international aviation organization IATA, is also thinking of introducing such a precondition; an electronic vaccination record would become binding for potential air travelers. Without such a vaccination certificate, there will be no flight for the person concerned. De Juniac intends to have this vaccination record entered in a database, which will then be linked directly to the data on a conventional passport. According to de Juniac, this measure is intended to help relieve people of their current fear of possible contamination while traveling by air.

The aviation industry has collapsed massively worldwide – both the number of flights and the number of passengers are only 30 percent of the previous year’s level. Numerous airlines, including Air Canada, can only continue to operate with massive government financial support.

In other areas of the tourism industry the situation is similar. The hotel and catering industry reports declines in bookings, and cruise ships are idle at anchor. But only the head of the IATA comes up with the idea of ​​presenting a vaccination pass.  This will ensure people’s movement will be restricted and tightly controlled.  We all know that the average citizen will be subject to a vaccination restriction, but politicians and the elite will always find a way around it.

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