Republicans in Arizona want to overturn election results

After over 10 hours of hearing from witnesses and experts over the weekend, Republican congressmen have called on the Arizona Legislature to withhold the state’s votes.

The chairman of the hearing, Republican congressman Mark Finchem, called for Arizona’s electoral college votes to not be awarded to Joe Biden as there was “enough evidence of electoral fraud to invalidate the votes.”  Without waiting for the hearing to end, the Secretary of State for Arizona, Katie Hobbs (Democrat), the results for Joe Biden.

In Pennsylvania, Republican congressmen have also moved to withhold Joe Biden’s votes on allegations of electoral fraud.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told the committee at the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix that it was “very difficult to get your message across – which shouldn’t be the case in a democracy.” The “media, internet companies and corrupt Democrats” have censored their message “because they have already decided that the elections were fair and free.” The truth is not pleasant, said Giuliani.

Witnesses were intimidated or even threatened, said Giuliani, “something that should not happen in a free country.” One of their lawyers had been threatened by his law firm with dismissal because he represented the president. “This kind of despotism always comes along,” warned Giuliani. The current situation was reminiscent of communist dictatorships. “I thought we had overcome that.”

In Arizona, according to Giuliani, cheating was mainly carried out through the postal votes, citing 12 postal votes as an example, all of which were filled in with the same handwriting. In the populous, democratic constituencies of Maricopa and Pima Counties, Republican election observers were prevented from watching the count.

The states of Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia all had interrupted the count as if on a signal on election night under unexplained circumstances. As a result, hundreds of thousands of votes for Joe Biden surfaced in the middle of the night, which three witnesses in Arizona testified to before the committee.

Maricopa County’s Republican Chairwoman Linda Brickman said in an affidavit that she personally saw votes for Donald Trump entered as biden votes in Dominion’s voting machines. Her Democratic colleague saw the same thing. The polling officer “yelled at” her, accused her of “causing trouble” and threatened to throw her out if she talked about it, Brickman said. Incorrect signatures were allowed, according to Brickman, who personally saw that 30 postal votes were all filled in with the same handwriting.

The witness Dr. Judith Burns of Maricopa County testified that the signatures on the envelopes and absentee ballots bore no resemblance to each other. The voting machines identified the signatures as “untrustworthy” and the signatures were “just scrawls,” but their polling officer instructed them to count the votes anyway.

Poll worker Janice Bryant of Maricopa County said she had seen electoral workers duplicating votes for Biden. Two Dominion employees were responsible for the technical execution of the election without the supervision of the election authorities. The hand recount was also conducted solely by Dominion employees, according to Bryant. The Dominion employee “John” brought his laptop into the server room, so there could be no question of a secure server room. Bryant testified that “trucks full of votes” were still arriving days after the election, even though voting was complete. “I asked myself, how can you not know how many votes are still out there?”

Retired intelligence officer Colonel Phil Waldron explained to the committee how Dominion’s software could be used to swap, delete or forge votes. Waldron testified that the software of the company “Dominion” was developed by the Venezuelan company Smartmatic. Waldron demonstrated this using “Spiderweb” overviews of the Dominion network and confirmed that he had seen that the data was running through a server in Frankfurt. In Frankfurt there is allegedly a server from the Barcelona election company Scytl, which also operated the 2019 European elections. Scytl operates voting software in cooperation with SOE Software and Clarity Elections, which are also represented in the US, according to Waldron.

The Dominion voting machines were illegally connected to the Internet, according to Waldron, and the results could also be changed by “unauthorized users” or “hackers”. “Your vote is less secure than your Venmo account,” said Waldron. He could not explain why tamper-prone software like Dominion’s was used, other than that they “had a strong lobby, contacts with local governments and the distribution infrastructure.”

Waldron revealed an email from an anonymous whistleblower that added “35,000 votes” for each Democratic candidate. On November 10 there was a meeting with the Democratic leadership in Arizona at which the added votes were explained. No cell phones or recording devices were allowed at the meeting.

Statistician Bobby Piton testified that “the greatest electoral fraud in our country’s history” was taking place. The mathematician is certain that Trump had a historic election victory, but between 120,000 and 306,000 fake votes were cast in Arizona. Piton was blocked from Twitter while he was testifying.

President Donald Trump called the hearing and said, “We won Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, but they played games. But we do not accept that. We will fight back.”

One thought on “Republicans in Arizona want to overturn election results

  1. So much for “count every legal vote,” huh?

    If these idiots cared about election integrity; they would have engaged in election reform before this contest. They simply don’t like the outcome. That is all.


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