Exposure of US electoral fraud: “It’s the bottom line of our democracy”

The US election is not just about voter fraud. It’s about something much bigger. President Trump must take drastic action to ensure the integrity of this election can be preserved – or that the fraud is exposed.

America is upset. People are left in the dark by the mainstream media as to what the state of affairs is about the election. Sidney Powell, in an interview with Lou Dobbs on November 30th, revealed the current state of the battle for the White House.

Lawsuits are currently underway in several states and Powell’s work is trying to be tried to be thwarted wherever possible. She shared an example at an election office in Georgia. A lawsuit was in court and Powell was granted an injunction to restrict access to the voting machines. Then someone came into the office pretending to be solving a software problem and transferred the hard drives.

“The Dominion system and its lackeys and other state officials are all out there trying to destroy anything they can achieve before we get our hands on it. The Department of Justice and the FBI are nowhere to be found. I am absolutely angry, and I know the American people are angry too. That’s why we’re out there to fight it.”

Powell spoke to an equally disgruntled Lou Dobbs about the struggles this president is now facing after the stolen election was declared decided by the mainstream media.

“This is not just about voter or election fraud. It’s about something much bigger. This President must take drastic measures to ensure that the integrity of this election – or the lack of one – is understood and the crimes against him and the American people are solved. If the Justice Department cannot do this, then we must find other means. This is an attack on the core of democracy,” said Dobbs.

Lawyer Sidney Powell added one more thing: “This whole thing concerns the foundation of our democratic republic. They can’t get away with that, and to be honest, I think the entire FBI and Justice Department must be hosed down with Clorox and fire hoses.”

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