Two great illusions of the corona crisis

When politicians and the media tell us that after the crisis there will be a return to “normality”, it is at best a deceitful lie. There won’t even be a “New Normal” whatever that is.

The majority of Canadians, who are masked and keep their distance, have two ideas that are encouraged by politicians and the media, but which are nonetheless illusory. The first illusion consists in the belief that the astronomically high government aid to alleviate the economic losses caused by the crisis could be borne from the treasury and on credit, without the inevitable consequences for the real financiers, i.e. the people who pay taxes, as well as those in need of social support. The second illusion is based on the belief that after a year or two of dealing with the crisis, everything can go back to normal. It is by no means the case for either illusion.

As for the first illusion: So far, the game of financing the Corona measures has been such that the federal government is shouldering the majority of the burden. This also explains the very harmonious cooperation between the federal and provincial governments when announcing new lockdowns. The longer this continues, however, the more urgent it becomes for the federal and provincial governments, and municipalities to share the costs. 

The government can play the grifter who claims to pay for everything “out of pocket” only for so long. And many citizens will likely believe that too. But the bill will be presented both to those who trusted the impostor and those who mistrusted him. The decisive question for the future will not be whether the citizens will have to pay for their illusion, but who will pay how much and who will be spared. That is why the problem of “burden sharing” will soon need to be hashed out, including the concomitant political changes and social unrest.

Uncertainty instead of “New Normal”

Regarding the second illusion: If politicians, with the support of the media, expect us to believe that after the crisis there will be a return to what is called “normality”, this is at best a self-deception. There won’t even be a “New Normal” however you define it. What is actually to be expected can be described as a permanent state of uncertainty. Because in two years there could be the next pandemic, the next financial crisis in a hyperglobalized world, war, or any number of other crises. Life in all its forms was and is always uncertain, but all functioning societies and individuals need at least a core set of familiar certainties.

With the financial crisis of 2009, globalized debt capitalism has made this set very unstable; however the effects on the masses in Canada were felt to be relatively bearable. But the additional economic consequences of the Corona crisis, not to mention the social devastation, will overload the system and destroy the collective and individual existence of nations such as Canada.

Questionable visions such as the so-called “Great Reset”, the rapid decline of Western democracies or the great electoral fraud in the US bear witness to the nervousness and panic of the ruling elites.   Many of us are already looking for ways out of the already apparent crises brought on by the plague.  However this quest may develop, clinging to illusions will not be a way out.

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