How Trudeau is preparing Canada for the “Great Reset”

Independence for the independent.

Trudeau is creating a desert of ruins: debts, high tax burdens, high electricity prices, a non-existent Canadian industrial base, a battered economy, empty pension funds and a sell-out of civil rights. He is preparing the country for the “Great Reset”. 

The Trudeau government, and the elitist politicians that came before him, have destroyed whatever values ​​the post-war generation created. It was not that long ago that Canada was a flourishing, free country – a model democracy. That is now the past. Thanks Trudeau.  And thank you to the politicians that came before him.

What have these Canadian politicians brought us over the past 50+ years?  They have sold this country to their globalist masters, whether intentionally or not, and we all know where good intentions lead us.

Our national finances are ruined. The debt and tax burden are some of the highest amongst OECD countries.  Billions in Corona payments have been made to the wealthy, and billions more to the wealthy are promised to “reset” the economy. Canadian citizens continue to finance corrupt states around the world with billions of their tax dollars. Because of the energy transition, electricity prices have gone through the roof. Canadian industry is no longer in decline – it barely exists. We are no longer a high-tech location; the know-how has migrated to Asia. There is rising inflation that everyone can feel in their wallet. No ordinary worker can realistically afford to buy a house today. The opening of the borders has also changed Canada’s demography and with it out sense of community; women and children can no longer safely walk the streets in the dark.  If you think it will get better, think again.

Now the totalitarian corona measures of the federal and provincial governments: small businesses and other parts of the economy are in need. Civil rights are increasingly restricted. Censorship, denunciation and fear are rampant. Citizens are losing confidence in the rule of law.

How should we measure the damage that the government has inflicted on Canada? No war that we have fought has caused so much devastation. The damage will be felt in the long term when our children and grandchildren and future generations have to pay off the debts of government mismanagement, and inflation will significantly reduce the standard of living for many people – mostly pensioners and those with lower incomes.

The elites are planning the “Great Reset”

Trudeau’s policies are in line with the destructive plans of the globalist elite. They freely and openly declare at the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and other international bodies that they will take advantage of the Corona crisis to initiate the “Great Reset”.

They want to completely restructure the economy and society. They want more surveillance, global submission, the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which destroys the free individual and surrenders to transhumanism. We should break away from oil, have fewer children, give up the classic family model, bow to the gender madness, throw our bourgeois and Christian values ​​overboard and submit to the new power structure. The goal of gender ideology is to destroy the family as the nucleus of society. The goal of climate ideology is the dissolution of private property and thus the independence of the citizen from the state and global interests. The goal of the destruction of the nation and the sovereignty of the peoples is the dissolution of the identity of people as a community and thus the spiritual power of the people themselves.

The market economy should give way to a green socialism. State and corporate capitalism should be restarted, as we can already see happening in China. The economy is to be steered globally, all areas of life are subsumed to a Marxist ideology, and a large-scale redistribution of the wealth of normal people is undertaken.  Hundreds of millions of people are to be relocated from the third to the first world countries.  Canada is currently taking in millions, and the number is never going to go down.  The cities are full; housing shortages and social problems are rampant so migrants are being funneled into rural areas to forever change Canada’s heartland.

Under the doctrine of a “green infrastructure”, the market is to be guided by ecological, and social indicators in order to achieve “fair results.”  The cooperation between the state and the private sector in the Corona crisis, i.e. a new form of planned economy, is to become a model for the entire economy.

This program means the end of the free market economy and free democracy as well as the rule of law.

We need resistance and reconstruction

We must now work together to avert this attack by Trudeau and the globalists on our freedom and civil rights. The year 2021 will be a fateful year. This will be the time in which the popular resistance needs to turn things around. We therefore need to mobilize a broad grassroots movement to initiate the reconstruction of our beautiful homeland. The citizens want justice and freedom, peace and prosperity for the present and the future. That’s what we are going to fight for.

After the Trudeau government and the Corona crisis, we need a new beginning, a reconstruction. We need more sovereignty for our country again, more security for our citizens, a stable and reliable currency, the reduction of bureaucracy, the reduction of taxes as well as a strengthening of civil liberties and the restoration of freedom of expression and the press. All of this is necessary to finally have a really functioning democracy again. The ideological incapacitation of the citizens must finally be stopped.

It should not come from career politicians who have never held a real job, but from the people of this country; the people who work, and who know what is good for themselves.  If we can’t achieve this through our current “democratic” institutions then we need to create new institutions that work for the people, not the elites.  Perhaps a breakup of the country is necessary; independence for the independent.

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