The Oreo becomes a propaganda cookie

Oreos are turning the colour of the rainbow – but not in Muslim Pakistan

The overthrow and destruction of human nature begins with language. Everyone who dedicates themselves to this endeavor now receives concrete support from some famous brands: for example from Oreo, a famous American biscuit brand that proudly flaunted this mentality on Twitter.

“A loving world begins with respecting others.

Question: Why do pronouns matter?

Answer: Respect! Using someone’s pronouns (like he or she) correctly shows respect .”

An attempt to promote respect for others through the correct use of pronouns.

But what is behind it? This tweet is not about a grammatical problem: most people are able to properly formulate a sentence with language particles such as pronouns. What Oreo is saying is that pronouns should be used correctly depending on who you are dealing with. The message is subtle but clear, and the rainbow cream-filled row of Oreos in the picture proves it: when a man identifies as a woman, he should be addressed as “she”, while a woman who identifies as a man should be called “he”.

In this way – and only seemingly harmlessly – the company seeks to support the claims of transgender ideology and to revolutionize language: although a woman trying to become a man inevitably remains a woman, the rest of the world should to show respect for this decision. 

This is not the first politically correct campaign by Oreo trying to promote the ideological caricature of “social justice”. Indeed, on its Instagram profile, the US brand has demonstrated its support for the LGBT+ perspective on several occasions after also partnering with some organizations in the sector, such as PFLAG, the largest US LGBT+ organization, whose logo can be found in the Oreo tweet mentioned above.

What is really worrying, however, is that the firm’s request to show respect is to undermine the order of things and rewrite the truth. To do this, they target young people in particular. Oreo is indeed very popular with their customers, as the company’s core business is inevitably aimed at children, who in this way become the target of a number of ambiguous messages about the workings of human life and controversial issues such as trans-ideology.

However, it is unusual that Oreo itself, which has several official Instagram accounts depending on the country in which it operates, does not spread the same messages in some countries: Pakistan, for example.

The US side feed is indeed full of LGBT+ references, but the Pakistani version’s account isn’t.

You can draw your own conclusions, but some observers may wonder whether this attitude is not largely due to a desire to increase their market share in different parts of the world, because in the United States it is profitable to appeal to the far left.  “Are you transsexual?  We are the only cookie to support you, so buy our product!”  Doing the same thing would seriously damage their sales in Pakistan, a Muslim-majority country.

Remember, other brands of “sandwich cookies” are available at half the price.  After all, they are just flavoured sugar.  Show them that “going woke means going broke.”  Or better yet, just don’t buy any of these precursors to diabetes.

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