Academic Freedom at Risk: 5 Professors Fired for Politically Incorrect Behavior

Academic freedom is under attack from radicals: it is mostly left-wing students who direct academic witch hunts against their dissenting professors.

1 Dr. Nathaniel Hiers, math professor at the University of North Texas

In the lounge of his faculty he noticed a pile of flyers – leftist activists warned of so-called “microaggressions”. Examples: The compulsion to indicate  gender in documents or the adage that America is a land of unlimited possibilities.

Hiers left a message on the whiteboard above the flyers: “Please don’t leave garbage lying around.” He was promptly fired for this.

2 Leslie Neal-Boylan, Dean of the University of Massachusetss-Lowell

She lost her job because of an email initially expressing her concern about the “recent acts of violence against  People of Color”. But then she said that if everyone didn’t stand up against violence against everyone, she would fear for the future of her country.

She adopted the slogan “Black Lives Matter” but also added “Everyone’s Life Matters”. A few days later she had to vacate her post – for claiming that everyone’s life matters.

3 Norman Wang, Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh

His offense: In an article he criticized positive discrimination in medicine:

“There is no empirical evidence to support the mantra ‘diversity saves lives’. Apart from that, doctors-to-be should be judged on performance and not on ethnic identity.”

Because of this statement, Wang lost his post as program director of an electrophysiology community college.

4 Joel Poor, Marketing Professor at the University of Missouri

Fired for a joke: When he asked his students in a video conference if there were any from abroad among them, a student from Wuhan answered. The professor replied with a laugh: “Wuhan? Let me just put my mask on.” Despite an apology, Poor was fired.

On the recording of the conference call Poor can be heard shortly afterwards asking if the Chinese student had any difficulties during his trip and even offered him a bedroom at his home.

5 Tim Boudreau, professor of journalism at Central Michigan University

In the 1990s, an American basketball coach used the word “nigger” in the locker room to refer to his mostly black team. For this he was suspended after a lawsuit – although his players had not been offended by the incident.

This was the case used at Boudreau’s media law seminar, who quoted the coach’s words to tell his students about it. Leftist students reported him because he had used racist abuse. He was fired.

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