The Great Reset will impose more political correctness on the world

In addition to dealing with the economy, the International Monetary Fund and the world’s central banks are given a new task after the corona pandemic: the implementation of political correctness and cultural Marxist ideals in the nations of the world.

If the US election should ultimately fall in favor of the socialist Joe Biden, the global elite are planning a so-called “Great Reset“. With it, various globalist leftist ideals are to be quickly imposed on the world economy. In particular, loads of additional powers for immigrants and economic migrants are high on the list. Klaus Schwab, the chairman of the economic forum, makes no secret of his socialist equalizer ideas: “The Great Reset is primarily about sustainability, the environment and better use of technology, but also about combating social injustices,” Schwab said in a statement.

Schwab and his World Economic Forum are completely unabashedly and shamelessly trying to exploit the insecurity that has spread among people through compliant media reporting on the coronavirus. On the pages of the World Economic Forum on the “Great Reset” it says: “With a disproportionately large number of victims among women with dark skin, women, poor and LGBTQ people, the corona virus has shed light on systematic racism and social injustice.” There isn’t a single verifiable fact in this, but it reads well for Schwab and his people.

According to the organization, which is a kind of dinner club for the international elite, it is now important that this great reset is carried out in the economy as soon as possible. Of course, only so that all women, immigrants and LGBTQWTFBBQ people affected by Corona can be financially compensated for racism and social injustice. At least the World Economic Forum presents itself as selfless on its pages on that ominous “Great Reset“.

However, this selflessness is only on the surface.  The Great Reset envisaged by the globalists will give central banks the authority to implement costly and draconian environmental measures and projects for social justice that have traditionally been outside their mandate. The World Economic Forum itself describes the plans for the great reset as a “fourth industrial revolution” that will “redraw the geopolitical map of the world” to promote “equality, integration and social justice in the workplace” so that the world economy can be built up.  Hooray.

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